Underfloor heating systems are becoming more commonplace in both new builds and home renovations, offering a range of benefits over more traditional heating systems. Here at Aquaserve, we think underfloor heating is a great way to heat your home.

Here are our top five reasons for choosing underfloor heating.

  1. Free up Wall Space

Without the need for bulky wall radiators, underfloor heating can open up your options for a functional furniture layout that won’t impact the heating of your room.

  1. Spread the Heat

Underfloor heating can provide your space with overall warmth, rather than one particular source of heat. It runs at a lower temperature than a traditional radiator-based central heating system but over a larger area, thus providing a comfortable temperature right across the area it’s installed in.

  1. No Dangerous Hot Surfaces

Underfloor heating systems are sealed well away from skin contact, so there are no risks of burns on hot surfaces as there can be with radiators – an important consideration if there are small children around.

  1. Keep Your Boiler Healthy

Due to being run through plastic pipes, underfloor heating systems are cleaner than traditional systems including copper piping and steel radiators, keeping the insides of your boiler cleaner for longer.

  1. Reduce Your Heating Bills

Although underfloor heating can be expensive to install, it’s an efficient way of heating your home and can provide savings on your heating costs throughout the year.

Here at Aquaserve, we’re registered Polypipe underfloor heating installers, ready to help with your next project.

Installation can be straightforward. If you’re building a whole new home or an extension, underfloor heating installation can be fitted into your schedule of work once the screed floor layer is down.

If you’re thinking of retrofitting an underfloor heating system, it can be more complicated though not impossible. Contact our team today to see how we can make your dreams a reality.