Solar Thermal Hot Water Lichfield

How can you benefit from a solar thermal hot water system in Lichfield?

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Solar Thermal Hot Water Installation

Would you like:

  • Free hot water available all year round?
  • Significantly reduced energy bills?
  • A lower carbon footprint?

You can achieve this with a solar water heating system. As part of our green energy solutions, Aquaserve offers a solar thermal hot water system installation service.

Our fully qualified plumbing and heating engineers are experts in renewable energy solutions and can aid and advise you on all aspects of solar thermal hot water system installation, including funding schemes, grants, building regulations and planning permission.

We’ll determine whether your property is suitable for solar thermal panels installation, and the best place to install them: the area that receives direct sunlight for the main part of the day. We’ll help you understand how solar hot water systems work, and what maintenance is required post-installation.

Our solar thermal hot water services include:

  • Advice on property suitability and panel placement areas
  • A free no-obligation quote
  • Installation of solar thermal panels
  • Full after-sales support service

All our work is carried out by fully qualified and highly skilled engineers and is guaranteed for 12 months.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Benefits

Free hot water all year round

Solar thermal systems use free heat from the sun to heat water for your home. During the shorter winter days when solar energy is low, water can be further warmed by your boiler or immersion heater. An A-grade energy-efficient condensing boiler is particularly compatible with thermal solar hot water systems.

Greatly reduce energy bills

Sunlight is free! So once you’ve paid for installation, you’ll only be paying for water usage. For days when solar energy is low, a condensing boiler can help heat your water efficiently which also helps reduce energy costs.

Low maintenance

Once installed, solar panels need very little maintenance apart from a periodical inspection to ensure everything is working properly.

Reduced carbon footprint

Solar heating doesn’t use fossil fuels, just sunlight – a renewable energy that will never run out. By using solar thermal hot water, carbon dioxide emissions are greatly reduced so your property’s overall carbon footprint will be much lower.

If you live in Lichfield and want further advice and information on our solar thermal hot water systems call us on 0121 355 8466 and let us help you take a step towards a greener future.

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