Underfloor Heating installation in Lichfield

With higher comfort levels, energy efficiency & low running costs there has never been a better time to invest in an Underfloor Heating solution. Other benefits include an even room temperature with no more floor draughts or unhygienic dry heat, whilst increasing your floor and wall space with the absence of conventional radiators. Aquaserve are registered Polypipe® UnderFloor Heating Installers, offering a complete and free design service to meet your needs with the highest level of service and workmanship.

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Features & benefits of underfloor heating

Allergy sufferers
Underfloor heating is the ideal heating system for people who suffer from things such as allergies, as it is a clean heat, this is because it does not convect dust around your home like radiators or warm air units would.

Space saving
You will have more space in your home due to the lack of big bulk radiators taking up all of your wall space.

Cheaper running costs
Underfloor heating is cheaper to run, correctly installed an underfloor heating could be %20 more efficient than a conventional radiator system this is because the water temperature from your boiler can run at a lower temperature (50c) for a solid floor (60c) for a wooden floor/suspended.

Extend the life of your boiler
A correctly installed underfloor heating system will last you a lifetime with little care as pipes are made of plastic so there is no corrosion/scale build up! This is also good for your boiler as there is no nasty black sludge from the steel panel radiators in the heat exchanger, which saves you money and prolongs the life of your boiler.

Independent room controls
With a variety of controls available on the market today underfloor heating can have each room in your home set to your own requirements as opposed to a traditional heating system where the system is controlled via 1 timer and 1 room thermostat, making some rooms too hot and other too cold.

Child safety
Radiators in homes can be a dangerous obstacle for young children especially radiators valves with deflective caps or cover, also radiators get very hot with most boiler temperature running in excess of 70c which means radiators when on, can get to a temperature of 60c this can burn young sensitive skin. Comparing this with a floor temperature of 20-30c this makes underfloor heating an ideal choice where young and elderly are likely to be in contact with the heating.

Underfloor Heating from Aqua Serve